Our Coworking Space Y_North

Why North? Because we believe in the North, and we are proudly from here.

Y_North is an original Coworking Space idea and concept made by Flatlight in the city of Rovaniemi. It’s an unique place located in the heart of Lampela district. We’ve transformed a former storehouse and office building from the 70′– into the coworking space that it is today. A space with a modern spacious vibe where you’ll find different workstations and comfy spots where to work.

It has become the home of a dynamic community of Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Digital Nomads from all over the world. At Y_North, you can work on your projects and share ideas with other Coworkers. You can have a meeting or plan a bigger event in our event and lounge space. After lunch, you can enjoy coffee or tea, and meditate or book an afterwork sauna and relax. We adapt to any style of working!

We are a community that is hardworking and fun-loving. That’s why we organize events to increase interactions between our members, such as community lunch a.k.a. “Matklyppen”, dance under the big disco ball, throwing a Sauna party and other networking events.

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Y_NORTH is located in the Lampela district Aittatie 3 in Rovaniemi.
The entrance to events is from the backside of the building.
The entrance to events is from the backside of the building.

A place for all styles of events

The Y-North Studio is a multifunctional space in Rovaniemi that bends many needs, whether it’s a gig, meeting, workshop, or team day. Here Office Manager Arja Filén introduces the space and tells about working in a place like this.

We believe in the power of community, and that’s why we regularly host events and activities to bring our members together. From our weekly community lunch to afterwork sauna and networking events, there’s always an opportunity to connect and have fun with your coworkers.

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